Now is the right time to give yourself a pat on the back after a hell of a days that passed by.

How far did you push your self to finish your requirements today? Mostly of us have gotten so far and beyond that we cannot imagined ourselves before. “Woah! Did I really do that?” Those were the thoughts that we usually ask ourselves asking our capabilities.  Anyhow, you are smiling secretly because you couldn’t get any proud of yourself.

Admitting to ourselves or to myself, we don’t really need to wait for ourselves a big accomplishment just to give it a pat on the back. Practice it more often, it will somehow motivate you and will make you smile (secretly).

If you just had overcome today or every day dealing with the most annoying person in your workplace, you deserve to be rewarded. Well that’s a tough one! Mind you that 40% (or more) of our time are being rendered to the place where we are working, so imagine how it it can be nerve-racking to be surrounded (while working) with annoying co-workers.

This is the time to start looking at on the good things or simplest things that you have done over the past days. Sometimes, rather most often than not; we neglect to give ourselves a little pamper to suit the day. It doesn’t mean for you to spend a hundred bucks to do it. A simple gesture, an act of commemorating the good job you did after all.

You can buy a simple shirt for you or go to the mall. Anything you want that will please you today. Come on, be generous to yourself!

So I did, and I took a run.

I run to the nearest restaurant situated on the same building of our office. It was not suppose to have this kind of dinner. After all, I am on a tight budgeting. I mean, I am currently crossing way down to the next salary period. Connecting my previous salary to my upcoming salary. I guess that’s the most horrific horror story you have read.

I am thinking of having another page as categorized by FOOD since I am also a food hopper. But to no avail, I was trying the moment I ate these pastas and I (think) just realize that my brain can not serve me while my gastro palate are in control. I couldn’t find any adjectives to describe the food except for the words delicious, delightful, yummy, heavenly, savory, creamy and ohw-some (awesome).  So I prefer it to present it on photos to see it for yourself.


By the way, I made use of my Entertainer Voucher to save half of the bill I am going to pay. Oh well, I always use it. It saves me for life. (You can see it here. and here)

As you see, no matter what, always be gentle to yourself. Life is a marathon not a sprint as they say. Keep moving forward slowly and sooner we will reach what ever it is that we desire.

So where you wanna go to run?


Restaurant: Paper Moon Doha link here.

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