Doha News Community Meet-Up

As I started blogging, I never expect things that are going on my way now. I started to become much more interested with reading other blogs and mostly current events. I became more enthusiastic with  meeting people (ordinary or influential, doesn’t matter) and learning from them, to which I consider my inspiration and key to my motivation.

It was my first time to attend a Community Event in my entire expat life, and to say with much delight I am very thankful that I involved myself.

I am overwhelmed with all the information I gathered and with the people I met.

Doha News is the first Digital News Service in Qatar which is composed of professional journalists. They started in twitter as @dohanews and later expanded to a website to meet the need of readers who are thirsty with real time news. You can check more of their information here.

The event took place in Shangri-La Hotel and took my gazing eyes with the welcoming ambiance of the crowd, plus the fact of the colorful sweets presented on the table.

 ~for free!!!


 I am elated to meet people who share the same goals with me and much more elated because they served coffeeeeeee!!! I didn’t took any hesitations. I grab mine of course. 



So while having my coffee, I took out my pen and paper and began jotting down notes as I listened to the forum.

Here are some of the striking information that catches my ears:

(Not in the exact words during the community forum, but tried my best to convey the same information)

Q: With the current media issues considering the legitimacy of the information, how does DN gather information to obtain facts?

A: DNgather facts through official sources like the people who are affected by a specific situation. They do interviews, check the records and backgrounds of all information being transmitted to DN.

Q: What could be the possible hot issue on the coming months?

A: Kafala Law that are expected to take effect in December 2016.

Q: How does DN limits information/ photos/ video for certain news such as accidents?

A: DN follows their decency guidelines and private entity of the person involved in the situation. As much as possible, DN do not post awful graphic contents that involves accident.


You can check their official news post regarding the event here.


Luckilylenny got the chance to speak with the Executive Editor, Shabina Khatri and was very accommodating of her to share her thoughts and some advises for a newbie blogger like me.

Shabina Kahtri – Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Doha News

 I would like to share one of her personal advice that comes from her heart,

“As a writer, the only thing that will keep you through it is to be yourself. Write not because you are oblige to do it, write because you love it and everything will fall perfectly with the right words.”






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