Letter to Angie

Dear Angie,

Before I start up, I have to compliment your charming name. Sweet, kind, heavenly and ethereal! Your mother must be delighted when you were born to name you Angie close to Angel. (if I am referring to your real name)


Since the beginning of human existence, man is naturally fond of foods. If you could go back to your basic culture history the reason why people go on house hopping, I mean moving to one place to another place is because people is on search for food. To store food not only for the time being and also for the future.

So I wouldn’t wonder why people love food.

And I wouldn’t question also how far your interest for food is. I know, it is immeasurable. And you both guys are inseparable. No offense meant.

What I don’t get is that human in nature cannot be satisfied at all. Well you know what? I am prohibiting myself from caffeine intake, but the more I prohibits myself, the more I get excited to take coffee illegally due to my husband prohibition. (coffee deprivation)

How many times do you take food regularly?

As a Filipino, I do follow our food culture. Three rice meal on each.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And to mention also the snacks which may be consist of burger or spaghetti or noodles or whatever it may be readily available (sometimes we do sneak in for midnight snack made up of instant fried noodles) People (Western and American people/ some are Asians too) around me would wonder how we could have those big consumption of meal every day. I just nod at them and offer my rice meal, I don’t want to explain such a long history, and I mean excuse of eating such.

I like people who are fond of books too! I look up to them as my shining armor in the night time before I go to bed because they are the potential kind of person that could give me a very nice stories based on what they have read. I like the idea of reading books, but I don’t know why I haven’t finished any book in my entire life. I guess it’s embarrassing of me to say this confession. And to say the least, the books I am referring are the novel books. I haven’t finished any of the novel books sitting right in the corner of our bed. They are all dusty and all tired waiting to be pick up.

And to defend myself from the sh*tty confession I made, I was a teacher and had finished a book every semester ends. *textbooks

So instead of reading books, I ended up listening to the people who have read the novel and go to watch a movie version of it. How lazy it is right? Don’t judge.

As you see, human in nature is survivalist.

From food to reading books.

From food tripping up to chasing people who have read the book just to have the benefit of gaining the story.


So you wouldn’t wonder as I suppose why are there people who are some sort of bullsh*tts.

(Forgive me people for the choice of word, I check with my thesaurus but I couldn’t find any word that best match. Spare me of my words)

That there will always be the type of person in this world that will make all possibilities in order to gain their desires. Regardless in any way that it could be. To harm others, or not. Not to care any less.

(I guess not reading novel books is not bad at all?)

I will not elaborate as much as I want because this topic attracts negative vibes to our feelings. So I would choose to hang it that way.

Let’s move to your silly question,

Do I really need to answer this? I am now in trouble. I couldn’t get any answer for it but I will try my best on why does the hair on our armpit won’t get any split ends.

As you see, our regular hair, the hair in our head; receives different chemicals coming from shampoo, conditioner, leave ons, hair gel, mask, and etc etc. There are countless of it as I am aware and compare that thing to our armpits hair which receives only bubbles from the residue coming from our head hair.

Are you imagining? Why do I think this kind of gross?

So as I conclude based on everyday experience and checking my head hair and armpit hair, it doesn’t have split ends. Haha I conclude it on account of the amount of chemicals we put to our regular hair. So let’s blame now our shampoo.

I hope you get satisfied with my answer, if not; you can have your own experiment and send me your conclusions too!

You can also try shampoo-ing your armpit hair to verify my conclusion if you want!

Let’s move to one topic that will give us a good sense and positive aura,


I know it makes you smile with that word, so do I.

These are the people that will always and will truly matters to us.

These are the people that will keep us motivated and alive with all the sh*tty AF surrounding us that we cannot avoid.

And considering what I can willing to give up for them is beyond words and actions. I know you have the same thought with me. I believe everyone does.

Since you are an Angel because your name is Angie, the duty is with you; as you have to carry your name with values and kindness.

Stay Angelic Angie!






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