Waiting for Vacation

Nearly 2 months and I’ll be back to my home country, for a vacation. I’ve got to say this that I am beyond excited about this. Funny is, it what makes me go up early from bed and finish the day and jump off to the next, and the next up to nest is the reason what keeps me going. (Slow down Lenny!)

It’s close to 2 years of being an expat and trying to contemplate on the things I’ve learned and experiences made me a person of today. Each day is always a battle of wanting to reach the day of my vacation versus the anxiety of being away from my desk at work. You see, from the day that you established yourself committing to your career, you can’t just let it be and do it’s own thing. I have to do something about this for me to enjoy my vacation. Let’s get it on!

Moving on, anticipating is a combination of excitement and boredom. I’ve been in to downloading apps that will help me plan my escapades, reading travel blogs and joining Facebook communities that are inclined to travelling, plus also photography tips or better to say posing tips on how will I project to camera for a souvenir photo.

I even download apps to countdown the days reaching my flight! lol Just to keep me motivated. (Dragging myself to be motivated)

I have, however found some ways to manage my waiting game to reach my vacation day and that is budgeting. I am literally grimacing now because I’ll tell you what, I have to prepare for the expenses and expenses and expenses.

Yes, you read that right. All are expenses. (specially it will be Christmas time!)

 Of course, vacation means you’ve got to enjoy your hard earned money. (Keep that in mind Lenny!)

Well, I’ve been in my self-drama lately on how much money will I take off from my bank account since my husband and I are really saving our earnings from dust to toe to fill in our tanks. It’s a struggle. Everyone knows about it.

Considering mostly of my friends have been to their vacations, they had really warned me about the expenses. “It’s flowing, very fast!” BUT, all days were made memorable and worthy.

So that is what I intend to register those words “memorable” and “worthy” in my mind to eliminate the pain of rapid flowing expenses.

I just hope that as much as I waited long enough for my vacation to arrive, I am praying from that moment time will take it very slow. *wishful thinking

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5 thoughts on “Waiting for Vacation

  1. “Considering mostly of my friends have been to their vacations, they had really warned me about the expenses. “It’s flowing, very fast!” BUT, all days were made memorable and worthy.”

    Kaya yan! 😉 When I had my first vacation, I was also worried. What I did was, nagbudget tlga ako, if possible 50php per meal only (nothing fancy, carenderia lang), jeepneys instead of cabs (i thank google maps for that), cheapest inn/hotel in town. Pero un, marami plng sobra kesa sa binudget ko 😀 napuntahan ko pa lahat ng pinlano kong puntahan.

    Kaya yan ! 😉 Goodluck and I hope you enjoy your vacay ~

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    1. Thanks for your encouragement April! (Eypuhreel) 🙂 You know what? I am in an extended family and you know how’s the exact situation of extended family. It’s a blast! Good luck to me, to us, and will definitely enjoy every second and cent of it. 🙂
      Btw, I am referring to 1 month vacation April. 🙂


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