Letter to Eiffel

Dear Eiffel,

Marry a man that will inspire you, and that’s how you glow and will keep you blooming all the time despite in spite of marriage. Keep love and romance alive even in the hardest situation of being married. You gotta know that in this world, there’s no such thing as perfect. Everything are being earned and work out. I’ve got to say this to you that you should be able to learn your man’s love language for you to be able to dance with the rhythm. 

Annnd so why does I have to put those words in the beginning of this letter? Those words seems to be serious and I’m afraid you get another set of bars towards your single-hood. Relax and be patient, it will come to you at your least unexpected ways. Well, who knows? He might just waiting for your winky-eyes!

I have to be honest with you Eiffel, my words are being scripted such as “who knows, he’s on the other side of the door or who knows he is sitting just right in the corner of your favorite coffee shop etc etc blah blah blah”  to those single cupcakes waiting for their icings. It is repeatedly being said to all. But for the record, this I will tell to you – Stop waiting. Enjoy what you are doing today.

Indeed, I believe you are enjoying right now; the way you refer to your self as “the fully loaded woman in terms of schedule and commitment” sounds adventurous and fun! On the other way around, it makes me want to use my emergency fund and book a ticket to see you in person just to steal you from your busy schedule. Hey, Eiffel! Loosen up! I’ll bring you to a nice massage parlor and treat you with a cup of coffee.

I assume that you are enjoying the things the makes you busy now, it’s been a long year you are serving your job and I guess you are with the right company. You are in good circle of friends and family and one thing for sure – I am certain that they will be all happy if you will take a break…

at least for a day, just for yourself.

What do you think?

My letters are supposed to be in line with humor and just light feeling, just to feel you being relaxed. But it seems were driving on a serious conversation.

Let’s take a little turn.

By the way, if you are wondering (just in case), how am I today and what I am doing. Well, as you know I am writing you a letter and I am not feeling well at this moment. I took vitamin C, 1 freshly squeezed pure lemon with ginger and honey (made by husband) and paracetamol already. I hope by writing you this letter will make me feel better. Sweeeeet!

I would love to answer that birds suddenly appear every time you are near because they want to be close to youuuuu.

You see that:

On the day that you were born the angels get together and decided to create a dream come true. So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of golden starlight in your eyes of blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

None sense I know, but have you experienced getting near to a bird? I believe they fly away instead of getting closer? This is the reality. Just like I told you in the first phase of this letter. Most things right now are being work out. You’ll work for it, real hard.

Eiffel, I guess I can not be successful in this letter delivering you with humor and funny lines. My wordings right now are in this kind of shedding, I have to obey this and go with their flow or else I’ll be stuck with pretensions.

Going back to you, how’s the progress on changing your citizenship? Have you started working things out? I mean, have you executed the process of all stuffs? I believe it’s a pack of a bunch and a lot and more and more and more requirements to get those things approved. I will pray for your success anyway. It will be much appreciated if you will post me update so that you can petition me in the future.

Who knows? Hehe Let’s keep dreaming with moon dust in our hairs.







2 thoughts on “Letter to Eiffel

  1. You perfectly put into words the thoughts i have in mind for myself. You are doing something that will put you in the limelight because you’re great on it. I see your dedication and passion in all your blogs. You are such and inspiration, you have awaken the inner shakespear and writer in me. Congrats! And i know you will come a long way in this Journey. Can’t wait to share mine too.

    Liked by 1 person

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