Family Friday Out

Once I told you how the usual expat family spend their normal weekend, it’s simple and it’s basic yet fun.

Picnic, as I believe is the simplest form of bonding a group of people can have. Regardless if you are family or group of friends, meals are always at it’s best when being shared and eaten outdoors.  – Plus the fact that meals are home cooked! The best!

On a conventional basis, since this is Qatar; best way to enjoy outdoors is to visit the Parks and Beaches. This time we went for a picnic.


Apparently, the weather is not yet friendly because of humidity, still it is endurable. Although it will be great to spend during cooler days.

Whatt? Cooler days in Middle East? Yes we have ~ some of the temperature reaching down to 18 degree Celsius down to 13 or 11. (November-February months) 

Simple family picnics and gatherings are surely worth remembering because of its simplicity. Each one got the chance to chit-chat and share future plans. Probably and got the chance also to be separated from wifi accees. Great!

Just sharing the usual and posting the importance of family picnic.

What’s yours?

Do you still visit parks for picnics?






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