Letter to IL-LET

Dearest Il-let,

First and foremost I must say thank you. Thank you for taking this courage (if courage is the right term to describe you being the first one to try this on my blog) on giving me some of information I needed to start with this kind of experiment. Thank you.

I must have been bored to wait for someone who could share his details about this letters that’s why I send you direct message (you were not the first one I must say), I thought it would be difficult for you to give me the details, but to my surprise you send me automatically in a span of planck time. (just so you know, planck time is a unit of time use to describe the time required for light to travel) Whoooooosh! As speed as it was! You must have been prepared before I got the chance to ask you about this, or you have been preparing to send me the details before I ask you directly.

Really, thank you for being the primer for this. I shall give you an award when I got the chance to see you, or something we should revise that sentence? I shall give you an award when you got the chance to see me. Happy hunting!

Your question on why does your crush doesn’t have a crush on you (Bakit hindi ako crush ng crush ko?) burst me into laughter thinking at some point that you did not take it seriously the requirement for number 2. As I rest my lips after laughing, I came to a point of a realization that this girl might facing a serious love-beginner-drama in her life and I became terribly intrigued and excited to write you this letter.

Funny thing, I would like to ask again if this is not too much; is you’re crush is handicapped?

Please exclude funny thing on the first line as this may not sounds funny for me after realizing repeatedly that he doesn’t even notice you? I mean, at all? Gaaaawd.

Dear Il-let, regardless if your question corresponds to your silly acts or what so evaaah, I would like to take this a little serious in a professional manner. (as your sister)

I believe you are not referring exactly on dealing your crush or either way around. There must have been more of it; more than of the emotion you invested on that so called “crush“.

Remember that our society today doesn’t wears Filipiñana at all, well I am not excluding the fact of being modest and refined, it will stay as it is and it will be conserved. What I would like to clarify with utmost respect for Filipino Values is that living in this millennium era is characterized by more  confident and liberated persona; with of course the presence preservation of our core values.

Simply, on a unusual basis; you might consider flaunting your asset what ever it is. Be bold, be confident. Sometimes, we need to demonstrate a little “motive” for them to carry on the “go-signal”. Garpa-garpa din girl pag may time! 🙂

Anyway, forget about it for now because it will come to you on your least unexpected ways! Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of stories about it. Hehehe Keep on watching K-dramas to elevate the feeling of euphoria. Hahaha

On the other way of your universe;

Your current situation holds you on a dilemma having your set of salary versus on your expenses. You are not alone! Hehehe

You’re growing up and that means that you are turning in to more something that is useful to your family and to the universe.

Part of our maturity is handling our hard earned money, “sweat and blood, “saliva and vocal chords” “beauty and brains’ and all that can be listed as how we earn our money.

Girl! we can never go back to our old self where we can just sit down and wait for our parents to give us our allowance. I know how sweet as it could be when we were young, but can you imagine that it is sweeter to give money to our parents? Sugggggaaar—crush!

Budgeting is fun when you able to sort out the things that are really important. If you don’t find it fun, don’t fret; you’re still young and I’ll give you a warning kick when you are turning late.

For the mean time, enjoy Kdramas, slurp on your Machiatto Starbucks and have a chit chat with your friends. Who know’s? Crush is just waiting on the corner to catch your motives! 🙂


Il-let, I’ll let you know through this blog when I able to live my life to the fullest. I am afraid to say I haven’t because I need to contemplate on this real hard. (that will take me too lonnnnng for me to say)

PS again: Happy hunting! 🙂







3 thoughts on “Letter to IL-LET

  1. Maka-nosebleed! Hahaha. Thank you for the letter ate len. I will surely remember your words…as in seriously. Hihihi
    P.s. It take me some time to construct the second question, it was not the first one I have written. I was also laughing when it suddenly pop up in my mind, saying “Ako ne leng!”. Then okey I’ve decided “I choose you” turning like a boss in Sarah G’s chain in THE VOICE. Hahahah. Or maybe that question has been hidden long enough in my unconscious, bored and got the chance to resurface at the right time. Maybe. Hahahaha. Thank you ulit. 😘😍

    Liked by 1 person

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