Essential Guidelines for “first-time-risk-takers kabayan” in Qatar

Marhabaan Bikum fi Qatar! 

(Of course I googled it) Welcome to Qatar Kabayan!

Let me share you some of the guidelines that will be or may be helpful to you in taking a leap of faith out of your comfort zone. If you are not aiming Qatar as your target of work place, don’t worry some may be helpful to you along the way or if you’re not Kabayan, don’t fret because some rules may also apply to majority.

Qatar is one of the prominent and richest country in the world. I may sound a little exaggerated but you can search it on google to see it for yourself. Convinced?

I have been contemplating this idea of putting the whole process and guidelines on starting a life here. I have to say first and foremost that some of the guidelines or processes here may not be applicable after a month/s due to consistent law amendments and alterations of Labor Law.

 I bet you agree with me when I say that the first phase of your life here is really confusing and almost fed up. Believe me because I’ve been there too! I was helpless and was groping in the dark.

I will put the disclaimer also on this note, I have to admit that I am not expert or somehow a professional legal counselor in terms of this matter, but this is the kind of work I deal everyday. As-in-everyyyyydaaaay.

Okaaay, the statement above is long overdue. Let me start with the first phase of your “moving-in” life here.

Anyway, whether you arrive here under tourist/business/family visa, I will give you the standard guideline for this survival chapter of your expat life.

(first-time-risk-takers-kabayan will be the term used for the Filipino expats who traveled to Qatar with non-working visa but the sole purpose is to find a job – Risk takers ehh?)

Here we go!

Congratulations! At last and finally, you’re footsteps has certainly landed in this land of rising opportunities for all brave souls. I have to compliment you’re courage on moving your life here down to zero.

Yes, you read that right.

You are now down to zero, and you will start from scratches. This is your clean paper and we will put vibrant colors in to it.

How did you get here? Did someone help you to process a visa? Well, that’s the majority of the cases, you are not alone anyway


Be familiar with the place. Where do you live? You have to be familiarized with the streets and addresses of your own place of course. Remember all the landmarks near to your place. Take note that the usual landmarks described in here are signals (signal refers to stop light), round about, and establishments. Be observant, keen, and attentive when riding a cab. You can ask the name of the place. Remember that Asking is the best way to learn.

Be vigilant in taking cabs, take note in mind that all people are strangers and you have to keep yourself on-guarded specially if you are a lady and that is needless to say. You can download a Karwa Taxi app for your safety precaution since all information are listed in the system, it will be convenient for you too.

Learn basic Arabic, specially numbers and greetings. Most of the employers are native in Arabic and you could use it for an introduction of yourself.

You can download certain apps in your phone for your easy access, just type Qatar and you can see it for yourself which apps can help you. There will be a lot to choose from.


Here we go! I know this is what you’ve been waiting ever since this post began. From the very beginning, I know you want this part. 🙂

  • Design your Curriculum Vitae highlighting your professional experiences and the nature of the company you’ve been in the past. Most of the companies would like to know what is your previous experience and what are the duties you had before. Then follow all standard information as the usual. Please, remain your CVs as formal as it is, refrain from all artsy and colorful fonts and be decent in attaching your photo. (not your profile photo in your social media account~ohh please)
  • Applications are mostly done through online, be prepare on spending the whole day facing your laptop. Give yourself a target quota each day in sending your CV. (Mine was minimum of 50 CV per day)
  • Establish a profile as many as you can in the world of online job searching. This will help you easily in finding a job. Most of the companies are with tie-up with online job search and this will give you more chances of finding your job. Here are some of the online job search for you:
  • You can also find current situation vacant mostly in newspaper, you can download it on Gulf Times Classified. You can also consider putting your short profile and your target job on advertisement in newspaper. I believe it is 65QR per day, you can visit their office at C-Ring Road, Gulf Times. (click to follow the link)
  • You can also ask to add you in some Kabayan Community Pages such as Pinoy Ads Qatar, Pinoy Qatar Living, Pinoy Classified Ads in Qatar, Qatar Living – Pinoy Ads and a lot more community pages. There will be lots of information available from point of your need.
  • Seek for location map for job interviews.Wear appropriate dress codes for interviews or even in an ordinary day, remember that this is a Muslim Country and we must pay due respect for their culture.


I’ll take this short and will provide you on the following post the detailed one.

But to give you an overview it will all start on the following:

  • prepare all your legal documents such as degree certificates (if any), NBI, marriage certificate if your married, CENOMAR if you’re single, NSO certificate etc. Note that all certificates must be attested by Philippine Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar.
  • prepare your journey for airport transfers as what they call “exit”. You have to literally exit the country of Qatar and go to the nearest (Dubai maybe) country. The reason for this is you’ll have to withdraw the current visa you are handling (tourist/business) for your employer to be able process your working visa.
  • Once you are handling the working visa under your employer, you have to prepare your blood group and seek for medical examination. That will be administered by your company’s PRO.
  • After successfully completing medical examination, then you’ll be scheduled to Finger Print to register you officially in Ministry of Immigration for Resident Permit number purposes.
  • Once successful, PRO will register you through online to have your official RP number.
  • Along the process they will provide you the contract.
  • After all, you’ll have your resident permit or QID.
  • Please note that the above process is just the standard way. It is complex so I’ll give you more detailed in the next post.

I must say that the above are all the usual concerns of the first-timers kabayan, and I believe it is not that completely and thorough guidelines. I would like to encourage my readers to put on your comments on your additional information regarding this. I believe, you have lots on your mind too that will help our kabayan out there!

Along the way, we help each other even on the simplest form it could be. Regardless on how life may sucks, hawak lang kabayan, madami tayo dito!





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