Legit Expat: Now on Move


After almost 2 years of being an expat I can now say that I had tried one of the “most-suggested-adventure” to try here in Middle East, and that is Sand Dunes.

As you know, and as everyone knows dessert is the main spot here in Middle East. That’s seems to  be obvious anyway! Hehe

This adventure is also part of my last Eid Adventure this past week. And this is the last leg of my Eid Al Adha 2016 Advenutre and just bear with me because I am still elated.

Actually this is just a simple get-away I must say. But its memorable for me sine this is my fist time and I consider myself now legitimate expat because of this adventure. Haha Sounds crazy!

Well to tell you honestly, I am not well informed about this kind of activity, not that my friends intended to surprise me but I think they thought of it just as it is. I mean, its on the way so we will try it! I just knew it when they fetch us at home.

Sadly, as a girl who thinks overnight of her outfit and ootd for the next day, I came up with a chiffon maxi dress underneath is a swimming bra. Hahaha Forgive me on my outfit and please don’t judge.

For everyone’s information, I am really afraid of heights. I haven’t tried my limitations up to where I can extend myself up on heights. Really, my knees gets tremble and seems like they are melting whenever I take escalator with an overview of the ground downstairs. I am literally shaking and my feet feels like going to melt down when I look down from above. And for your information again, I am seated near in the window of our office, It’s a wide-wide window; the whole wall is a big wall of window. And you know what I do? I always put down the vental blinds and never put that that up, it is because I feel like the view is pulling me down. Haaaaaaaa. This is so hard to explain. To cut this short ~ I. AM. AFRAID. OF. HEIGHTS.

Guys, just to clear this, there are some terrains (MOSTLY) that are elevated, It will take your breath away in like 5 seconds. 

So when I finally found out that we were going to try that ATV Ride Sand Dunes, the first thing I suggest is that… “I’ll just take your photos guys, I’ll document everything, I’ll wait you here, I’ll keep the things attended, I’ll keep you blah blah blah….” Excuses, not to try it because of my fear. Hehehe But you know, my friends are merciless and ruthless (haha, sorry guys!) So you know what happened.


 I rode, I tried.

And you know how was it?

My gaawd, I enjoyed it. I even tried operating by myself the ATV. Haha And take note, with my chiffon maxi dress. Who cares?

Here are some of the considerations you might wanna check before trying this out:

  1. SAFETY FIRST – Remember that it is always better to prevent than to cure. Ask the person-in-charge regarding on how to operate the ATV specially the buttons on where to locate them. Yes it is simple and basic ride but hey! You don’t know what will happen in the middle of the dessert, its best that you are prepared. Along the way, you will experience getting stranded on the middle because your wheels got submerge in the sand. So better to be prepared on this, specially your muscles.
  2. The lowest cost for renting the ATV is 100QR for 1 hour that vehicle can already go up to the middle high dessert mountains. It ranges up to 700QR depending on the cubic centimeter of its engine.
  3. Wear your most comfortable pants and shirt. (Trust me I know what am saying )
  4. Sealine dessert sand dunes can be a side-trip if you opt for Sealine beach (just like what we did)
  5. For Sealine beach and adventure, you might want to check my previous blog.

I’ll share you our adventure not just by words, please plug on your sounds, here’s our video for you! 🙂

PS: Finish till the end. Twist is for you. 🙂



PS again:

I’ll just want to share my thoughts, although this is some kind of a travel blog and not suppose to give some kind of melodramatic posts, but let me. Hehe

I must say that at some point, or nevertheless we must push ourselves to something we don’t expect that we can do it. We just have to try and see for ourselves. We’ll never know what’s on the other side of the mountain if we didn’t climb it.





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