EID AL ADHA 2016 Vacation (Sealine Beach)

Hep hep hooray!

I bet you’ve been wondering why my current posts are inclined to outdoor and beaches despite the fact that I am here in the land of dessert, Qatar.

Well hey! Qatar is surrounded by good beaches also. That’s the one thing I truly love in this place, the smell of the sea salt water and the wind breeze when I got the chance to pass by Corniche area. Annnnd yes, I am a self-proclaimed beach lover.

To begin with this travel post, this is a continuation of my EID AL ADHA 2016 kick off adventure.  This time we went again on a beach + sand dunes experience together with my friends.This is more of an adventure-type of escapade compared to the previous one.

Sealine Beach is again a public-beach which sets along Mesaieed which is around 45 minutes travel from Doha. (Please be guided that there is a separate private resort in Sealine ) The moment we went there was truly amazing. The beach was it’s own perfect amount of waves and tranquility. Perfect for swimming.

Sealine Beach Shore. A glimpse of tranquility.

Although I have to say that this area is is open to public and the mere fact that all kinds of people are allowed to enter here, even pets. So to expect, there will be a lot of bachelors roaming around the area. It’s a massive crowd of male wanderers exploring the beauty of sealine beach. I have to say it again that during the time we visited the place, since its a holiday and Eid Celebration, people were on a party. I mean, they were all dancing and playing. Literally like a party in a bar without alcohol. (maybe?) All dancing, singing, and laughing out loud.


Qatar has been recorded as one of the safest country you can search that in google if you want.  But if you are the type of person that would not prefer to mingle or to see gents all around the area then definitely you might want to reconsider visiting this place specially during Eid Holidays. This is a go-to-place for majority of group of boys.

I did expect this already and to tell you honestly, I don’t even want to see myself mingling with this kind of group, not that I don’t want people and some kind of a racist. Nooo, it’s just that I have a feeling of a little bit of scared when majority of the place is male. There’s a lot of thoughts will run in to my mind with that case. Hehe I guess all  girls has a mentality of that. And maybe, I hope you understand this kind of sentiment of a pre-modern Filipina.

But guess what? I did find myself later on enjoying with the atmosphere. People have their own business and worlds and they will never annoy you there. Plus the fact that were a group of five consisting my husband, plus two boys, 1 girl and me. #feelingprotected

(L-R : Bryan, Gab, Ariane, Leny, Jed #teamsuperstoked)

We spent the night over a bbq camping and night swimming. There’s nothing in the world beats a simple dinner when it is shared by laughter with your friends.


Here’s an overall observation of the place and some tips might help you if you wish to visit this place.

  • no available water, electricity, toilet or wash room better to bring all your stuff before heading to this area. Specially water ~ lots of water including the water you’ll be using the wash off your body from the salt water
  • no available grocery stores, same as you have to bring complete and full pack of food for this beach experience
  • no available beach activities, just plain swimming. I don’t know if diving is applicable here, definitely fishing here is good
  • If you opt for camping, make sure to secure all your valuable things. You don’t want to happen any bad situation so better to prevent those things by securing all your stuffs
  • Wear something that is not too catchy, you don’t want to be the center of attraction here. Specially that this are majority of gents

My question to myself when we were heading home is: Am I going back to this place? And I said yes without any second thoughts. I would love to visit the place again and would like to try it on this coming winter. (Winter in dessert? Naaah. Cold season. Hehe)








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