EID AL ADHA 2016 Vacation (Wakra Beach)

Helooo there!

Eid Mubarak!

It’s basically holiday here in Middle East because it’s the second of the two special holidays for Muslims.  So holiday means no work day – vacation! It is usually a three-day-non-working-day for the most, but fortunately mine was a total of seven days including Friday and Saturday which is a regular day-off in our office.

Most of the expats leave the country for vacation to other country or some may prefer to visit their home countries. Hello! That’s quite a long vacation so you might want to spend those days with something special.

On our part, we stayed here in Qatar. I mean, for the record I haven’t visited place or any country since I moved in here. Except for the part when I traveled to Dubai for 3 days just to process my working visa back in Qatar. (You know-kabayan and expats way of job hunting hehe)

It was my first time actually to visit a public beach here, I have been to beaches like somewhere here in Doha but I was not able to experience swimming, I really wanted to! Ughhh. So when I hit Wakra Family Beach, even though it’s quite crowded as they say (not in my eyes, not in the usual Philippine-scenario) I really dip my self in to the sea water.

It’s basically a public beach for families, as in exclusive for families.So if you’re group is composing of all gents only then you can’t enter the area. So the thing is, your group must have a composition of ladies to enter this place. You know the treatment of government here when we are talking about ladies.

The place is simple, an open sea, sea sand, and families. What makes is special is the sound of the laughter of each families playing around.

Some of the treasured happiness I captured while everyone is busy.

Tug of war gaming. I want to join actually! Hehe
Kabayan’s on sight
May pamangkins. 🙂
Daddy yowsss with babby-yowwws. 😀
Momma’s girl
In the middle of the sea (don’t worry, its low-tide)
BBQ Grilling

There are no other than activities like resorts used to offer. You will likely to have prepare it by yourselves just like the photos above. 🙂 Families around are playing, swimming, eating and even dancing. It’s so simple yet the environment is so enchanting.

We went on a swimming, I mean dipping because it’s low-tide, there’s no much water. 😦 As in you have to go to the far end place of the sea to touch the sea water., only when you get there is just a knee-high. Sad. Hehehe

We spent the Wakra Beach day with my family and it was only for a short time since we are with kids.

Here are some details that may be useful if you plan to visit:

Location: Wakra Family  (click the link for map)

  • entrance is free
  • exclusive for families
  • with small shading, first come first serve
  • with big parking
  • with 3 large playgrounds for kids
  • with washroom
  • need to bring lots of food because there is no accessible grocery store

It was fun! Although the sea water in it’s low-tide is kinda dissapointing because Im a fan of big waves. Hehe What’s best important in here is the experience as a first timer to hit the beach in Middle East! 🌊









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