When was the last time you dated your wife/husband?

Fine! Ours was last December 2016. Just the two of us and a simple dinner (as I remember) and a little shopping for Christmas Season. (little? Am I right? Ughh. Stop it Lenny)

Ahhhhh. During our relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend, we usually go on a date on a daily-weekly-basis. If there’s a movie to catch, then surely we are present for it. Annd if there’s a new resto in town, then it’s on our list to try on.

I can say that things change a bit regarding on how we spend time together during our married life. Well, I am not writing this as a complain memo to my husband but hear me out on the following paragraphs as I have to say a lot of explanations. Hehehe

Well, sharing you my personal life experiences are definitely part of my blog, and of course that includes my married life. So, I won’t ask you again to “allow me to share” since I observe that I always write this stuff “please allow me to share.. blah blah blah” on my previous posts, I won’t be using that again, ever again. Hehe

So I was saying, the last time Bryan and I went on a date was way back months ago. It is because when we go out, we are usually with relatives and some friends. We live on a sharing flat here with relatives so most of our plan activities are family-house-based. You know what I mean; you live all together so you plan all together. It was when lately, we figured out by ourselves to go out on a separate date.

There’s no such extra-special when we usually go on a date. Helllo! This is lenny-way, always budgeting and savinnngggg! Hehehe When we do something special, we usually go on a travel. But since we are stock here, I’ll share you how we go an a date on a normal basis. Just like everyone else.

Okay, so from the very beginning of the year, I have this Cellphone App called Entertainer. You can download it on Itunes and purchase your vouchers then. It will save you like a hundred or more compared to your regular expenses. You know, SAVING is a big word for me. Hihi (well I am not endorsing and I am not paid for advertising them hehe)

Precisely, you are thinking correct! I always use voucher whenever I go out. I consider the place first if there will be available discounted shop listed on the app. So I always ended, saving and saving.

Clearly as I stated, we don’t go out much because primarily of the financial aspect as you may see. Things have changed for the better because we have set goals and priorities. Everyone does! Although I’ve got to be guilty (sometimes) on putting savings over dating, I’ve got to stick with our future plans.

Dating is a time when you get to know more of each other regardless of being together as husband-wife, bf-gf status; there’s more to life that you could discover on each other through dating. The way you communicate over a cup of coffee in a coffee shop is different when you talk to each other at home. The way you share ideas after you watched a movie is different when you’re watching movie via torrent sites. I don’t know, but its different right?

It’s kinda special when you go out with your partner because you dress up and go to something “new place” to your eyes, and with the environment. It something that will lift both of your spirit to a new level of communication.

Heyyy! But I am not excluding that fact that we’re the kind of couple who could watch tv-marathon series all day, indulge ourselves to chips and coffee (I know it’s not healthy) and put ourselves into cocoon of our comforters and put on the lowest temperature of our a/c – and we can stay there freezing and cuddling. Can you imagine that? Yessss, literally the lazy-day-way. Hehehe

It’s good to have a time for dating even once in a while to somehow feed your souls and freshen your aura of love. Euphoria as what they say. **the feeling of excitement and happiness, over-joy. You remember the first month of you being together? That’s Euphoria, anyway. ***

Dating is a geture of love becuase it is something that you shared between two two of you exclusively. It is something that you’re bringing back the Euphoria each time you spent on dating

Everyone does have its own way of dating, whatever it is or how much your menu costs on a date,  It’s intimate, it’s pure, it’s fun and will always be memorable.





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