Friday Day-off

I would like to test myself on how I would be able to share a short unusual Friday out madness on a typical day-off in Qatar. I’ve wanted to write a travel adventure but to no avail, I don’t have one. That’s awful. As you know, I am stuck here in the dessert. Kidding*

And so I did force myself right now to write what I did last Friday, if you find this boring you can skip on to the other post on this blog or you may go back to your Facebook news feed.

This is not actually a travel post, primarily because I did not travel. Hehehe and there’s no such adventure on it. But since travel post is an exciting task to share, will pretend here that this is my first time to go on walking on Corniche! Haha

Okay, so you’re still here, and you put yourself here maybe to finish this post. Thank you dear reader, I bet you are personally connected with me that’s why you sympathize again with me. Hehe

So exclude that full-of-excuse-introduction and let me tell you about this.

I once told you that on a Friday basis, we usually spend our day-offs at home. So I thought last Friday to give our routine a little change. I invited everyone at home to go on a walking at Corniche. It’s 7.6 km away from our house and we went there through cab.

Corniche is a go-to-place for most of the expats here in Doha, even locals do visit here for sightseeing, jogging, and relaxation. Just like any other, our intention is purely for entertainment, a breath of fresh air and to lose sweat through exercise. (we are gaining weight day by day)

Dhow cruise
An expat after soccer game.
A tale of friendship. (my favorite photo on this post)


I was really impressed by the view each time I visit Corniche, it’s simply relaxing for me to have in a view of the Doha Bay and watch its sunsets. Although the temperature is quite not good because it is still summer and humid, still sunsets will always remain as beautiful as ever.

Non-filter photo, it looks like a painting right?

Bryan on the other hand is practicing his camera and stabilizer for future adventure to come; actually I was also practicing on photography as you may see on this post. Hehehe Thing is, I don’t have any technicalities used in it, it’s a matter only of the composition. That’s matter the most, I believe.

Processed with Snapseed.
Bryan on his action cam

The rest of the family member is away, jogging.  hehe

At the end of this walk, (because I just walked while and taking photos) we decided to sit back and just enjoy the sound of the breeze and the sight of Doha Skyline.

So calming. 🙂

So this is the typical Friday when you just want to go out of the house and spend nothing but time. Places in Doha are usually Mall, Hotels, beaches and parks. The least is my favorite because I love outdoors a lot! (Mall of course if it is indoors, haha)

I guess this will be my last paragraph to this post and up to now I don’t have any idea what to put on a title for this. Hmmmm, what about Corniche? Ughh, it’s boring. Friday Day-off? ~ Ok, I’ll take this.

PS: In fairness to this post, this is not easy as I expect! I am looking forward to give justice on my next travel post. (the real one) Hehehe


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