Way Out ➡️

To be honest, the past few days began to be a little downside. Well, I’m talking about my emotions. I used to blame my hormones when ever I feel sad most of the time. (woman’s thing) I literally dont understand myself when this phenomenon occurs to me. Please dont judge me, I believe most girls are having this kind of thing also. I guess so. 

This week is nothing but a normal routine work-home. What makes me indifferent is that some things are bothering me. I can not explain to it furtherly because this may cause a lonnnng story.

This week made me reminded again that things will not always work the way you plan it. I can honestly tell you that I did a lot and exerted effort on this matter, but it didn’t turned out so well. Still, I am on the state of suffering.

I pushed my self hard. I extended all my capabilities as much as I can and little by little I find myself becoming short-tempered and impatient one.

I felt guilty after being irritated and easily annoyed with a jolly service crew at a small ice cream stall sitting next to a grocery mall where I used to buy grocery items. He’s kinda insisting me to try tasting on the flavors of some ice creams since it’s taking me soooo lonnng to choose one flavor for my cup. I ended up with the strawberry-cheesecake flavor and yet he insists me to try some other flavor. So I said to him, “this is my choice, please stop”(with an attitude face). It was rude of me to say that to a very jolly service crew who is doing his job very well. I felt really bad because I saw how he turned his positive face in to a serious one. It made me realized how my bad vibes are being transfered to another. That’s bad lenny.

So inexchange of what I did, I ask the service crew with a sweet tone of my voice asking where he’s from in the Philippines. He responded with a smile.

I realized that my bad aura destroys positive aura for some other people. This is too selfish for me to say that I am having a bad mood. I found myself so guilty about this.

Joanna, Lorie and I planned to go out for a dinner right after doing some grocery shopping somewhere near coffeshop or mall. So we ended up having a nice conversation and a coffee too. I feel pampered and a littler relief to find myself at ease with friends.

You know that it always work out to be fine when you go out with your friends, spend time with a simple food, have conversations and forget a little about what’s bothering you inside. It did works on me! 😊

So today, whenever you feeling on a bad vibes. Regardless of how much your money inside your pocket; invite someone and go out of your house. Do it, it’s refreshing.





3 thoughts on “Way Out ➡️

  1. All this build up of stress is not a good thing. It happens to me as well. Then I would find myself losing it completely over something that doesn’t matter at all. I guess we all need to learn to slow down, let it go and not be so hard on ourselves 😊 easier said than done 😊

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    1. This was written 2 month back! Thanks for your comment as I have to look back again on my old self. I totally agree with you Leva. We must know when and how to slow down. Things will fall eventually to its right places. 🙂 More power to you my dear! Hugs!

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