I Dreamed Last Night

I was on a surprise birthday party for one of my colleague last night. Of course just like any other birthday party, it was indeed a blast! Credits to Aireen, Ate Judy, Sheen and all the organizer who made it possible. Birthday girl, Ate Michelle is sooo lucky! It’s everybody’s hidden wish just so you know! To have a surprise birthday party for you. (Ehem Joaaanna!)

Well my first paragraph has nothing to do with the story I am going to write here. Perhaps, I am just making a logical connection on the later part on this post.

And so, I dreamed last night.

And it was so vivid, clear and the feeling is so real. I guess I was smiling when I was sleeping last night!

I can’t remember how it all started, although I just said that it was so vivid but forgive me on this part. Hehehe

I was in my hometown, my place, my home. Maybe it’s a vacation premonition? Who knows. Haha

So I woke in my dream at our small tiny room in Gerona, with Joanna! Not with Bryan! (at the back of my mind now, where was Bryan during those times??? Hmmmmmm) I am not surprised in my dream that right beside of our house was a beautiful seashore. A beach! It feels like ordinary for me! (mind you that our house is in the middle of the farm!) I even asked Joanna to pull out our newly bought swimwear because that is the typical pambahay dress code in my dream there! Too bad, I was still in not shape to boastfully wear the swimsuit, only confidently beautiful with a heart. Hehehe

Just like I said, our house was rested beside beach but the place is still the same. I can see from a far the house of Ate Gg, my mom’s and some houses which is also familiar with me. And on the other side was the sound of tricycle machines and the smell of hay. Seems like a twisted farm and a beach?! Is there in reality something like that? Please tell me.

A little time pass, and Ate Gg is coming with her daughter. I cant remember the face but the feeling is clear. I was not in shocked by the way. It seems that I knew it all along. Sorry IAte Gg, I dont have the picture on my mind of your husband (if there is anyway) Hahaha I don’t know if it’s Julian or somebody else. But it’s a toddler, a girl.

You gave me all the chokers that I instructed you to buy before. You even bought the aprtment 8 dresses that I am eyeing.

Joanna on the scene is not clear anymore. I can ‘t remember where she was.

Then there is Catie, my newly pamangkin. Daughter of my other bestfriend Mark. Again, I can’t remember the face of Catie but she is asking to go with me back in Qatar! I guess she was a teenager in my dream and having a love problem.

I woke up beside Bryan, snoring. Back to reliaty of my life***

I seldomly dream of this kind of scenarios, most of my dreams as I remember are actions and about my self. (I’ll write when I have the courage) But this one, it’s confusing and the feelings is so clear that it makes me wonder who are the people in it.

I remember that in Psychology speaking, dreams are connection of our past and there is nothing to do with our future. So it may happen that I was in a state of excitement laast night due to the birthday party and food! or maybe because I frequently watch koreanobelas. I currently watch W, Its kinda supernatural story, with two words intertwined, something like that. So it maybe affected my subconscious to extent that I dreamed of this. Hehehe

But it’s cool! I like it. Specially the beach. Hehehe

I wonder also why Joann and Ate Gg are present in there. Maybe this is a form of separation anxiety I’ll be committing from the two of them.

Keep moving forward lenny!







































2 thoughts on “I Dreamed Last Night

  1. Hi frend, how about me and gem? Aren’t u dreaming about us? Hehe… anyways you’re right! dreams are connected with our future or our past i know how excited and how you miss your hometown just like how the people here miss you. Keep writing and continue to inspire other people…Take care and Godbless always friend. See you soonest! Lovelots💞may💋


    1. Maybe I dreamed also abt you two, but can’t remember tho. Hehe tbh, it doesn’t matter. hihi It doesn’t change the fact that I miss you both also! Love you both and getting excited and excited to catch up with you both! 🙂


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