What Is Like to Have a Perfect Wedding?

I find it so kilig and inspired when I got to see some wedding stuffs on my social media feed. I usually even shed a couple of tears when I use to watched prenup videos or maybe an SDE of the wedding.  I guess most girls feels the same way that the feeling is sooo overwhelming that you ended up imagining the love of your life. Trrrue?

I guess there is no exact season for wedding, before they use to say that June is wedding season but as far as I see it’s a year-round season already. Yes! Everyone’s getting married with no specific season month of the year. Although June and December months are hyped for some time because it’s weather and demand.

So it’s a full year of kilig and being inspired while browsing my feed. (take note that I subscribed, followed, liked all major and in-demand wedding suppliers in town!) That’s why! Hehehe

I began to be a fan of wedding planning when I planned ours on our own. Yeah, mind it with no assistance of a wedding planner. Wink* Just the support of my husband, best-friends, and some relatives who helped me along the way. Maybe because I have some talents on DIY or more of pagtitipid I should say. It’s super stressful and stressful and stressful. Really it is. BUT, it’s the most challenging, exciting and fun part of the journey, ~the planning and preparation. Regardless if you do it by yourselves or you hired someone to help you.

The feeling is just the same.

It’s surreal, it’s exciting.

It’s like your putting your fairy tale dreams into reality.

I always believe that every girl has her own dream of fairytale. Yes, fairytale do exist! That’s what are weddings are made of!

You have your dream gown of course, your dream wedding church, your dream wedding cake, and all you are dreaming of and to top of course is your dream partner. (are you imagining right now? Well that’s good for you ) Those are the stuffs that will make you move forward and wait for that moment of your life…  that your fairy tale is turning into reality.

Now, it is also important to note that fairytales do not exclude the presence of obstacles. There will always be an evil one who will try to pull it all down. But as always, fairytales just as weddings remind us that you may now kiss the bride.

It’s not ending! It’s a level-up. It’s a reminder, a prize that you have overcome one.

Talking about the obstacles, have you not wondered why others would spend a million worth of wedding? Although you may see that those millions are for the rich ones, allow me to use million worth while I’m referring to extravagant weddings.

The question is… What is like to have a perfect wedding?

Is it about the amount of your wedding gown that is perfectly designed by popular Michael Cinco? Or perhaps your dreamy prenuptial video directed by Jason Magbanua? Or maybe the venue at a palace-like themed?

Who would not love to have them?

Ultimately wedding day is not just about the glitz and glamour it’s more of a celebration of two souls entwined to be forever. Your friends and family will be present and united in one glorified day to celebrate it with you. Indeed, it’s the most unforgettable experience not only for the two of you but also for all the people present with you.

I have seen a lot of weddings, as in a-lot! To count of the luxurious down to the simplest. From the high rated designs to the typical and ordinary ones.

All in all, from barrio-style wedding with lots of traditions (include that sabit-sabit ng pera thing and lechon-fiesta style) to that dreamy palace like hotel scenario. All those cited conveys one emotion only. – love.

To form a wedding with all the details and colors and palettes is one of the best part of the journey. Its something must be personalized, something must be related for the bride and groom, something must be symbolic that will lift the feeling of nostalgia.

This is the reason why majority of the couple aims for a best shot wedding. Its because primarily will reflect your love story. Others would take their whole savings and money to put up a fine wedding. (Please include myself on it! 🙂

It was really a battle of money, time, patient and romance. Hehe! I take it as a personal experience the moment we planned our wedding. We were so ideal, we wanted like this, like that and etc. etc. We even tried to pull out some traditional set up from the barrio style in our place. But as what I said, there will always be an obstacle. It didn’t turned out that much fine in the reception ceremony. I guess, that’s part of the wedding itself. It makes the occasion even more memorable because of those circumstances. hehe (I bet Joanna and Bryan reading this may be smiling right now) The best part of my wedding as I may share is the preparation at the hotel and church ceremony. All plans turned out ohh~ so ~well. As in perfect for me! (just to highlight positive ones 🙂 )

(my wedding snaps photo below if you wanted to see)

Currently I have lots of friends tying up the knot or will tie the knot before this year ends and on January 2017 as well. I can hear their shocking scream on the updated budget for the suppliers. It’s costly, you will spend money talaga, because you wanted that this special occasion to be perfect as you imagined.

I have no back off feeling towards the budget even if its million worth. (of course as much as you can) Everyone’s dream is to set it in reality. Why not? ehhhhh.

Above all the glitters and enchanting beautiful flowers in your wedding ceremony, remember that there is no exact amount of money your happiness can match.

A perfect wedding is a choice of happiness.  

And you know what is happiness I am talking about.

That is marrying the right person with you.

That weddings are perfect regardless of the amount you spent.

That weddings are always perfect if you found the right person.

lots of love,




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