To be exact, I am 21 months old living life work-home vise a verse here in Doha. It is short compared to others who have given more than 5 years of service in foreign country without returning or visiting home. Wheww! If you’re one of these I salute you ma’am/sir! I can’t imagine where you are taking in all your patience to survive in this lonely world of overseas working, away from home.

Indeed it is lonely, taken from me with an advantage to count that I am with my husband, with extended family living in one roof with my in-laws plus the factor of my best friend and a short distance neighborhood to my brother. How am I saying it’s lonely if I am surrounded with family members and bunch of circle of friends?

Family Minute to Win It Game Night

I bet, those people surrounding me mentioned above agree with me because we are all certain that…

There is no other place like home.

There are also cases which are a lot heavier and lonelier compared to my current situation, and I am one sympathizing with you guys. But believe me when I say, we’re on the same road.

Somehow, we manage to be happy here. We get along with the current situation of living like a repetition of actions. We start our week on Sundays and end on Friday off then Saturday duty again, and go around to Sunday again etc etc. (It seems like Rihanna’s song now is playing on my head) Work, work, work, work, and on Fridays we have this rest day to spend at home, cook inabraw for lunch then occasionally visit mall for window shopping hehehe and on random days we visit my brother’s house vise-a-verse. So that’s how we go for a life here in Doha.


Its kind-a boring as I must say because there is no other place to visit but malls and malls. Dessert and seas if you want to travel with long drive, too bad for us because we don’t own yet a car and we don’t even want to spend a hundred of riyals to pay rent for transportation. So better off, spend the rest of the day at home. Movie marathon, food tripping, koreanobela series and house hold chores ~ those are what we intend to do on a typical Friday rest day.

Missing home is probably the hardest challenges life can throw to us; note the fact of some OFWs leaving their children behind. Imagine how hard life could that be, but the need to work overseas to earn much and more money to support your family is basically undeniable.

I miss home as much as the feeling of craving to eat your favorite food. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as buying pasta. I think of the beautiful moments I spent time with our simple small town province. The smell of hay in an open field, freshly reaped rice fields and corn fields, the taste of inabraw and pakbet with sweet fresh homegrown vegetables is so heaaaaven. Ugh! To add more of it are the hand-picked mangoes (Indians/ Carabaos ) yellowish on the inside then authentic bagoong alamang with siling labuyo. Haaaa. I am literally drooling.

What we miss most of home is not the place itself; it’s more of the emotions, the simplicity, feelings, beautiful memories and most importantly the people in it.

Allow me again to share with you the time when we were down to zero in bank accounts as we were waiting for our flight tickets to Doha. Back in that time, we were already jobless for a couple of months. It might sound clumsy that we ended up bankrupt and in debts but we did it all for our plans. I believe God is really artistic in designing our life stories, a lot of twist and turns I must say. Hehe But we have experienced the best of our time in a simple life while waiting for the twist of our life.

So we were jobless and moneyless.

Although we don’t need much money to live in our town since all that we need is free. We were staying with Bryan’s mother; food is fortunately free again because of in-laws who supported us along the way.

There were days that we felt like nothing at all and stagnant. Cornered in our small tiny bedroom all day long feels suffocating, we didn’t barely know that God is preparing us for something big.

I must say that I miss life at home.

 I simply miss the simplicity of waking up next to the smell of smoke in our dirty kitchen mixed it up with the smell of tuyo and some longganisa.

 I simply miss the taste of bagong katay na baboy,

I miss catching salagubang.

I miss the smell of the grass, the sound of crickets, frogs singing during rainy season.

I miss using our poso and fetch water from it.

I miss the smell of panutcha, the black-snowy-thingy we refer to sugarcanes when it’s for harvesting intended to burn it.

I miss riding our Daniel (motorbike) and go to random places.

I miss the feeling of asking money from mommy and mama rufin just to buy milk tea (wintermelon in particular)

I miss my pamangkins, I miss my kapitbahays.

I miss my friends.

I miss all the people at home.

I miss Philippines.

I miss Tarlac.

I miss Gerona.

I miss home.

We should be strong though, above all the reason why we are all here is to give comfort to our love ones and to ourselves. So that’s the price we have to pay for, let’s endure it and manage this loneliness away from home.

No matter where life could bring us, our homes will always be the best place where we could be completely happy.

I’ll see you home in 4 months-time!


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