As we have settled life here despite of unavoidable circumstances, we manage to keep happy and contented.

Paulit-ulit kong sinasabi sa previous write-up ko,

Nothing comes easy. 

Nothing worth having comes easy.

So I would like to share one of of the realization about taking the right amount of courage to take that Leap of faith.

Whatever you are doing, whether you are planning to pursue a new course, or trying out new hobby, here’s one of the lessons I learned along the way. (and still taking it in my everyday life)

The reason of all is that I realized that…

Listen to the voice in your head

Let’s take this scientifically since I myself graduated from Psychology course, I would like to share some of the science-based tips I apply to myself. Have you ever experience talking to yourself? It may be in private of course, because it’s unusual to talk to oneself in public. Hehehe But, if you do it in public I think it’s kewwwl! 😀

Well anyway,

 Silently talking to ourselves in our head is very common to all human in nature.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

You may not be aware, but there are instances that you talk to your self like  there are days that you feel like talking to yourself inside of your brain especially when you did real stupid thing. There are also cases when you are in the middle of a decision-making and you keep asking yourself, Kaya ko ba o hindi? Pupunta pa ba ako o wag na? And the hardest one, (please read this slowly… then with feelings…) when you’re in the corner of your favorite mall outlet, and you struck in love with that pair of shoes that you’ve been wanting for almost how many months yet you have already set your budget the question you have in your mind is : Bibilin ko ba? Wala na akong budget… (saddest story ever)

Seriously speaking, this phenomenon is called “inner speech”. Famous Lev Vygotsky claimed that inner speech developed through internalization. So as to speak, the evidence of our inner speech has something to do with the outcome of conscious mind reasoning about a specific subject.


the voice in our head is more of an upgraded version of yourself.

It’s your evolve version! In this noisy world, sometimes we ignore the voice inside our head. We tend to listen to others what might say; we tend to look for outsiders opinion rather than trusting inside of you.

The voice inside of our head is basically the first and foremost individual who will likely to know what your soul desires. Follow it, listen to it!

When you have a gut instinct, do it, trust it. Allow yourself to explore the world of what is. Don’t shut yourself dreaming on that corner in the world of what ifs.


It was my inner voice that took me across to this country.

Without hesitations, I follow it.

You’ll never know what’s on the other side of the door if you do not open it.

I found home.

 I found myself.

I’ve been trying to pursue Human Recourse career way back in the Philippines, sadly to say things did not fall in to right places when I was applying for that position. I tried my very best, but I think that time has not yet given up to me. So, I ended up with teaching profession. (hindi pa din naman ako talo. Jackpot pa nga kung tutuusin)

So when I started applying here, I was really wishing that there could be at least one company who will believe in my credentials and will take me as an entry-level in HR field.

I applied for teacher, secretary, receptionist, data encoder, and name all administrative positions; I applied every bit of it!

It happens so fast when what I was  dreaming and wishing for suddenly appear right in front of my face. I have barely no idea of what road am I going to take here but I have plans and my inner voice lead me to this.

 Although it first came to me, I have to work hard for it to be able to take it as mine. I surpass interviews and prove my abilities that I can perform very well in the prescribed task duly given to me.

I didn’t know that I could follow my heart and listen to myslef before, I was so surrounded with influential friends and so attached with them. It started when I followed something and makes me feel good about it.

When it feels good, do it! When you’re confident, dont hesitate!

This might be a little push~y, but I encourage you to embrace your true self and be confident in who you are. That person is beautiful, smart, and powerful. Believe it!

I encourage you to start tapping your inner voice and listen what’s inside of you. You’ll never know what’s inside.

Remember what Katy Perry once told us? You just have to ignite, the light and let it shine! 🙂



Lots of love,









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