“It’s impossible” said pride. “It’s risky,” said experience. “It’s pointless,” said reason. “Give it a try,” whispered my HEART. – Unknown

The memories are crystal clear when Bryan and I started to plan our career on the other side of this crazy world, to move in where we believe we could grow more.

Working in the Philippines is the most comfortable way of life a young adult may have live in. Working on 6 or 5 days a week and you have 1 or 2 days off to spend time with your family and love ones or just to spend with the love of your life, your BED; is absolutely the most amazing thing in a week. Your payday is twice a month, and you got to spend some of it to pamper yourself, go to the mall, have a date, treat your family OR just sit with a Frappuccino and over-stayed in a coffee shop with free wifi. Sounds good huh? 😀

I could say that we were on a stable job; I was working as a Guidance Counselor in a College Institution in our small town and had teaching units too. I became comfortable with my job and found myself in a place of learning institution mentored by caliber individuals. Yeaah, that’s the bonus of being surrounded by PhD sand EDds plus well-known Professors in Tarlac.
Bryan on the other hand was also on a stable career then. His part of the admin team reaponsible for the Management Information System (MIS) in one of the local mall  in Tarlac City. He had expanded his learning not only in MIS but to some other parts such as visual editing since he used to prepare marketing parapernalias for every event. I personaly enjoyed his working stay at the mall since I could access his benefit with it. A credit facility to shop, shoes-clothes-make-ups, groceries! And a piece of discount. That’s perfectly heavenly for me.

Comfortable, to the point you don’t want to move.


We have no savings, not all. BUT we have HUGE plan for our lives. And in order to execute we have to move out of this heavenly comfort zone.

Then we decided to seek help from my father in law who happens to be an OFW for a long time in Doha. Of course, nothing comes easy.

Starting from the beginning is the hardest.

So to start up…

First, we need MONEY.

We had scratches our bank accounts down to zero and needed to borrow money from our relatives and some friends to fill in the required money to get a visa, travel allowance, plane tickets etc.

Second, and above everything; FAITH. (no need to explain I guess)

Entering Foreign country is easy, what is really nerve-wracking is facing Immigration officers with bombarded questions. Of course we had prepare ourselves for that.

We had our visa as TOURIST with 30 days validity to stay only inside the State of Qatar, which means we have only 30 days to go around Qatar to search our self in the profession we wanted to be.

There are a lot of visas available in Qatar, but of course since we have limited source of money, we opt for the cheapest. My in-laws even suggested us that it would be better and safer if Bryan will comes first and after some months I will follow. I totally rejected their idea, since I believe that we can do this together. Of course! Whew.

So to be able to exit the Philippines, we needed to take a travel tour to Singapore then cross SG to Qatar. Seems easy? Naaah.

Going to Singapore is easy. Surely it is. There is no visa and it’s a tourist spot for all. But since offloading is common and Immigration officers are very suspicious to all travelers. It’s not that easy, unless you are fully prepared mentally and intelligent~ly.

We had a minute only facing the officers since we are married and the reason of traveling is part of our honeymoon, and yeah, they believe and stamped our passport for departure.

Here we go SG!

Mixed emotions and a painful eardrums. hehe


As soon as we landed to SG, my feet and again are trembling. Another encounter to Immigration officer, since we are not totally travelling as a tourist I got a rapid flush of blood all over my veins because I am deceiving them. Might as well considered this as white-lies. Hehe Fortunately, foreign immigration officers are not strict as much as we do in the Philippines.
We were’nt able to use our travel package which cost roughly of 20k pesos to roam around the spots of SG. What we have in mind is to get as soon as possible in Doha. So we had stayed there only for 1 night in hotel and immediately went back to airport the following early morning day.

Connecting flight: Singapore – Colombo – Doha
We witnessed a couple of travelers specially Filipinos with hidden agenda like us got offloaded for an hour due to some circumstances. Again, nothing comes easy. Were quite almost there, but Arianna G said Almost is never enough hehe! 🎵🎶

We were on a flock of Filipinos, same faith, same perspectives, same goal. All of us are aiming to reach the GCC Country.

Gained friends with common goals. 😄

At last, after 16 hours of flight including transit to Colombo, we finally reached QATAR.

Arrival at Qatar. 😊 Finally. 🙏🏻


New place, new people, same goals


We did’nt know exactly how my Father in law will manage us to keep here in Qatar since he doesnt even own a flat where we could live in. I found out that I will be staying for a while with his trusted friend.

That night I am initially scared, but I have given all my trust to Papa. Good thing on earth, the family where we stayed is literally heaven sent from above. Tito Carlos and his family welcomed me to their humble home.

So the batlle begins through internet.

Applying jobs here in Qatar is via online only. There are some job hunters trying it via walk ins but since it is illgal we did it in the safest way.

I literally dont stop sending emails and visiting company websites to fill in their application forms. With a hight spirit of eagerness, we had our quota of 100+ emails each day to send to different companies. Non-stop. All day long.
We have some offers but the salary is not sufficient to support our way of living here in Qatar. Bryan’s salary offer on the least is amounting to 1800qr only if Im not mistaken. And I have 2500qr for a teacher aide. We almost accept those opportunities since we dont want to pay another bill to extend or fine our visas. There’s a voice inside of us shouting to try something better. And we did.

Out of perseverance, we continue to fight.

On the 5th day, I received an email for an interview with the position of HR. ~my ideal job fyi~

As soon as I entered the building, I knew it already that this job is for me.

But like what I said, bothing comes easy.

I went home with a confusion. I dont have any idea at all if I had impressed the pannel with my credentials. I already told Bryan that it is negative and I will look for another again. Fighting!

That day, that afternoon, the secretary called me for the schedule of my first day. ~Tomorrow.

2 week-old HR Officer

And that concludes me on where I am today.

After 12 days, opportunity comes in to Bryan. Perfectly timed as we are already boosted our confidence.

And the rest is history.


Some random photos during our first year:

Ariane, Jed, and Gab. Old people, new friends. 👭👬👯
My first Mall experince care of Ate Prima. hehehe 👗👠👚👛
First Christmas Dinner. 🍲🍜🎉💞
Melt in party with Mr. Jacob.
Random dinner gathering at Souq Waqif with Kuya Jon’s family. 🙂
Prize of my perseverance. hehe
Doha Qatar. Day xx Night







20 thoughts on “LEAP OF FAITH

  1. This is very inspiring. Keep posting luckilylenny. Your words are powerful, I am following your blog since the beginning and I always look forward for new posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Make it a book and I’m sure this will be a blast my dear!..and this will be a next aldub series (#blogseries) abroad…please spare a free book if you decided to make it ok?(with your signature)…🤗congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey len! Ano nanaman toh bago mong raket hehehe,, infairness i enjoyed reading your post it really explains everything very interesting to read congratulations to the amazing blog more to come. Keep the faith and God will provid

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ay juskopo nymphatot. Ikaw b yan? 😅 Hehe Hndi yan raket tol, avenue ko ito para mag-spice up ang life dto overseas. Salamat ng mdm tol. Please, abangan mo ung part 2 ng Leap of Faith. Hehehe 🙂💞


  4. Nice one, hindi ko alam na may talent ka pala in writing, sa iyo pala ako dapat kumonsulta kapag nagsusulat ako para sa Marriage Encounter group na sinasamahan namin ni Tita Marilyn mo. Hindi ko alam na nagmana ka pala ng konti sa akin (joke, yabang pa more) Seriously, detailed, precise at interesting ang pagkakasulat mo rito. Puwede mong maging bagong racket iyan. GOD BLESS! Di pa man dumarating sa amin ang Baby na hinihingi namin, hindi namin ipagdaramot na ipagdasal na mauna na kayong magka-baby kaysa sa amin. Regards kay Bryan, sana mag-meet din tayo some day. Ingatz palagi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Salamat ng madami tito benjie. 🙂 Dugong Mendoza po. Heheh Dti ko pa po plan magstart ng blog. Pero d ko alam simulan, at a random day bigla na lng sya nag pop out sa utak ko pra magsimula. Kya eto po ngayon.
      Naiyak ako sa comment mo tito. Hehe Ngdadasal dn po ako para sa inyo. 🙂


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